Sawmill Carved Wood Live Edge Mesquite Sign

Custom Carved Wood Sign from Wood Signs by Design for my fellas Lavor & Rex at the WineglassBar Sawmill in Phoenix Arizona. This urban sawmill help save trees that have felled in the city from going to the landfill. Lavor and Rex are retirees from the Midwestwho decided to open up a urban sawmill in downtown Phoenix. They collect trees that have been downed by monsoon storms or folks that need to simply bring down a tree. Instead of this quality hardwood ending up in the garbage dump, they go and get these logs, mill them up into usable lumber and then kiln dried the pieces in a kiln they have on their sawmill property. Watching these guys mill up the trees that they have saved is quite a sight to see. This reclaimed piece of wood is a live edge slab of mesquite wood. Lavor wanted a nice carved wood sign sign for when they attend shows. It’s carved out of re-purposed Urban Mesquite Wood and finished with several coats of tung oil. I think the colors really pop with this wood slab.
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