Custom Wood Signs

Our custom wood signs stand out from the rest of our competitors for a few simple reasons – we’re wildly creative, and we listen to exactly what our customers ask for. We’re here to take your thoughts and ideas and turn them into permanent placards for your home, business, cabin, cottage, farm, ranch or camp. Creating custom wood signs is not as simple as it looks, as there are many dimensions to each wood sign,  e.g. color, shape, size, font, theme, and more elements.  Our job is to gather information from you as accurately as possible so that you can fully take part in the creative process. We begin our process with an e-mail exchange and idea sharing session. We gather your project requirements in an efficient manner, and continue to give you feedback and photo proofs during the course of the project.


Custom wood signs have much more depth of character than printed or painted signs do,   as they’re able to express more due to their 3 dimensional feeling, coupled with the fact that wood itself is very connected with our earth. The totem poles of the indigenous cultures of North America, as well as the Tiki carvings of many of the Polynesian island culture has demonstrated the great impact that custom wood carving has had on history.  These historical custom wood carvings are not just about signage; rather, they tell the stories and contain vital information about these cultures and its people.  Wood has been used as not only as a means of communication,  it has and will, be continually used as way to preserve historical record.  This is why a custom wood sign is the perfect idea for those who want to add historical and sentimental value to their homes or property.