Mesquite Wood Coaster Sets

Mesquite Wood Coaster Sets

Mesquite Wood Coaster Sets-2

These wood coasters were made from dried Arizona Mesquite wood logs. My wife Jackie asked me to find some new coasters a few months ago as the cheap cork ones we had were falling apart. I looked on Amazon and eBay and really didn’t see anything I liked. One night we were watching a movie fireside and Jackie asked me to throw another log onto the fire. I picked up a log and almost threw it in the fire and then just stared at it a moment and said, “You know what? Here’s your new coasters honey.” She looked at me as if I was crazy. I think they turned out very well once they were soaked in tung oil. The hardwood of the mesquite makes them very resilient to liquids. Worked out great. I’ll have sets of these for sale on PHX Craigslist soon. Do a search for “Mesquite Wood Coaster.”

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