Wood signs : You get what you pay for

Our wood signs withstand years of abuse from the elements without major defects. Not all wood signs are created equal ! We begin with the finest hand-picked wood and inspect it for the right grain, weight, and straightness. Being that wood is a natural, living substance – there are many subtle characteristics of each starting piece which will affect the outcome and longevity of wood signs. Our highly specialized process of hand selection and grading of wood yields wood signs which outlive those of commercial wood sign makers. Creating custom carved wood signs is still an art form, and there are fewer and fewer who keep true to the craft. At Wood Signs By Design, we’re not makers of mass-produced widgets which we pump out the door by the thousands per day. Taking the time to choose the right materials will reduce the risk of cracking, splintering, warping, and leafing. In the Wood Magazine article titled Understanding Wood Grain, they write about the importance of wood selection, view, and emphasize the process of hand selection vs. mass production. Our view is simple. Use the best materials, and sell the best product.