Weddings, Anniversaries, etc.

Make that special day memorable with one of our wedding or anniversary personalized signs. Each piece is hand carved to your required specification. Just about any shape, size, and color, we've done it already. Need something totally different ? We're here to turn your ideas into art.

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Customize your guest's greeting

View our collection of custom wood signs for restaurants, bars, pubs, home bars, man-caves, and more. We'll capture that exact feeling you're looking for and transform it into a welcoming wood bar sign. From rustic eateries to dive bars and man caves, we've created a multitude of cool signage to get you recognized.

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It's your place. Personalize it !

We've designed signs for farms, farm stands, ranches, kennels and other establishments. Whether it's a maple syrup business, a Yellow Labrador kennel or a produce farm stand, we've got you covered. For a vacation property, beach house, cottage, or cabin, a custom carved wood sign truly personalizes that special vacation spot.

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Custom Wood Signs by Design

Our custom wood signs are built to order exactly to your liking. We don’t stock or sell any generic signs, as each of them is a custom order, and treated as an entirely new project. We can accommodate just about any design you can imagine, and can procure any type of wood species available. Custom wood signs really show your guests, customers, or family that you really pay attention to detail, and it serves as a warm and welcoming addition to your special place.